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Sensory Garden

The sensory garden is located at: Victoria Park, 62 Long Ln, London N3 2EB.

The sensory garden is funded by a legacy from Peggy Dowling, who was a member of the Barnet Borough Sight Impaired (BBSI) Group, East Area Committee funding and the Victoria Park master plan funding. The sensory garden was designed by Groundwork London and installed by Tilhill.

The garden has been assembled to stimulate all of your senses Touch, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Sight.

Many of the plants are especially attractive to insects such as bees, butterflies and moths so you may well hear the buzzing of bees and the fluttering of wings. The plants have been separated into ones that are scented, plants that sound in the wind, ones that taste (used in seasoning food mainly) and brightly coloured plants. However there are many plants that have several of these characteristics including, for example, lavender.

Below is a map to help you find the garden (click or tap the map to open Google maps):

BBSI Sensory Garden Map
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The floor plan below shows the layout of the garden:

Sensory Garden Floorplan

The links below provide more information about each of the zones within the sensory garden:

Tasting plants

Smelling Plants Area 1.

Smelling Plants Area 2

Seeing Plants

Hearing - Plants that sound Area 1

Touch Area 1

Touch Area 2