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BBSI produce a quarterly newsletter.

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Viewpoint Winter 2024
Viewpoint November 23
Barnet Vision Strategy 2013 - 16


Barnet Association for the Blind
Visit: Barnet Association for the Blind
Tel: 020 8423 5141 or email info@aftb.org.uk

Visit: www.rnib.co.uk
Tel: 0303 123 9999

Action for Blind People
Visit: www.actionforblindpeople.org.uk

Royal London Society for the Blind
Visit: www.rlsb.org.uk

Disability Action in the Borough of Barnet
Visit: www.dabb.org.uk

Audio Description Services including What's On and Audio Desription Trailers
Visit: www.yourlocalcinema.com/ad.films.html

A web site created by visually impaired authors for the visually impaired
Visit: www.whitestick.co.uk

The Computer Association for the Blind
Visit: www.bcab.org.uk

The Royal National Institute for the Blind - Online Shop
Visit: http://onlineshop.rnib.org.uk

The Middlesex Associoation for the Blind
Visit: www.aftb.org.uk

The Insight Radio web site - a radio station supported by the RNIB
Visit: www.insightradio.co.uk

Community Focus for Disabled People Including What's On at The Arts Depot, Finchley
Visit: www.communityfocus.co.uk