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BBSI produce a quarterly newsletter.

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Viewpoint Winter 2024
Viewpoint November 23
Barnet Vision Strategy 2013 - 16

Who's Who

Executive Committee
  • Chair: Paul Ashby
  • Vice Chair: Nigel Vandyk
  • Treasurer: Peter Tarl
  • Secretary: Lis Vandyk
  • Newsletter Editor: Paul Ashby
  • Committee Members: Dr Oliver Natelson, Melvyn Rees, Josephine Aspinall, Everton Amos, Poolin Vadgama, Yvonne Uju
  • Co-opted Members:, Susanne Vangnoo (newsletter support) Luxman Silvanesan(Barnet Sensory Team)

BBSI Contact Details
  • Secretary: 020 8200 5462 or barnetbsi@yahoo.co.uk
The office is normally staffed on Wednesday mornings. Please leave a message and we will contact you.

Barnet Borough Sight Impaired
The Concourse
Grahame Park Estate
London NW9 5UX